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Hong Kong – Tong Pak Fu Dessert Restaurant

Located in Hong Kong, Tong Pak Fu Restaurant specializes in the popular Taiwanese dessert “shaved ice”, but instead they use shaved ice milk so it’s healthier. Imagine beautiful layers of fluffy shaved ice cream.

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Hong Kong – Hui Lau Shan (Healthy Dessert Restaurant)

Hui Lau Shan is the most popular and famous healthy dessert chain restaurant in Hong Kong. It specializes in fresh fruit Chinese desserts, especially ones made with mango. It’s all over Hong Kong and it’s quick, casual, affordable and great any time of the day.

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Must Try Cauliflower Dishes in Vancouver, BC!

Follow Me Foodie to the renaissance of cauliflower: The history and varieties of cauliflower and deconstructing the craze. There is a science to caramelizing the cauliflower, and having it soft but not mushy, and crisp but not crunchy. I’ll experiment in the kitchen, but for now, indulge in these!

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Sushi 101: How to Eat Sushi Part 3 – How to eat it

What do ribs, chicken wings, pizza, Indian food and sushi have in common? They are all foods meant to be eaten with the hands. Yes, sushi is finger food. Chopsticks are still acceptable, but traditionally it is encouraged to enjoy well-made sushi with the hands.

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San Francisco, CA – State Bird Provisions (America’s Best New Restaurant) – Part 3

I felt like I was a friend of the chef at a catered party featuring funky tapas and hors d’oeuvres. It was a nice open kitchen and I got to watch all the food being prepared and “sample” all the food before going out. That’s not what really happened and I didn’t get to “sample”, but it’s how I felt. It was almost like the New American version of a Japanese Izakaya place.

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