I’m not obsessed with finding “the best fried chicken”, but it’s nostalgic even though I didn’t grow up with it. Comfort food will always have its place in my heart and it might just slow it down as well. On that note, here are 10 of my favourite fried chickens I’ve had since starting Follow Me Foodie.


The search is on for the perfect noodle dish: prizes and fame await! Win 2 round trip tickets to Hong Kong and have your noodle dish featured on their in-flight menus! See here for details! Here is my 5 Spice Maple Roasted Squash & Edamame with Warm Soba Noodles in Miso-Sesame Soy Sauce recipe.


They specialize in modern banh mi sandwiches, steamed baos, and Asian style tacos. They made the banh mi even more approachable by replacing the traditional Vietnamese cold cuts and pâtés with familiar American meats, creative Asian sauces and fillings.


Le Tigre puts an innovative twist to Asian street food using French techniques. With such reasonable prices, quirky owners, and serious culinary talent, I would say that this is a must try… at least for the following things I had, which are the top three best sellers.


My Follow Me Foodie Favourites & Best of 2012! I prefer calling it my “favourites” or most “memorable” experiences, but I’ll include “the best” just because I’m weak and want to align with every other “best of 2012″ list out there. This is a recap of my delicious 2012.


I like to think of it as the Asian version of the Vancouver Farmers Market, except there are no farmers and just food. I can handle that, can you? This year the Richmond Night Market is even bigger and it has found a new home right by the River Rock Casino. It has 88 food vendors & I tried 10!


Being in Vancouver, we’re spoiled by great Asian/Asian Fusion cuisine, so I decided to make it a separate category. Vancouver dominates and excels when it comes to Asian/Asian fusion cuisine. Here are the 20 Best of 2011!


It’s a tea house, not a bubble tea house, and it’s popular for chocolate fondue too. For me it was almost like Starbucks being run by Chinese people and there was Asian flare in the style, menu and execution of their drinks and food.