Portland, Oregon – Lucky Spoon Frozen Yogurt

Restaurant: Lucky Spoon Frozen Yogurt
Cuisine: Frozen Yogurt/Fro-Yo/Desserts
Last visited: August 20, 2011
Location: Portland, Oregon (Downtown)
Address: 780 SW Jefferson
Price Range: $10 or less

1: Poor 2: OK 3: Good 4: Very good 5: Excellent 6: Tres Excellent!!

Food: 4
Service: 3
Ambiance: 3.5
Overall: 4
Additional comments:

  • Self serve frozen yogurt
  • YoCream Frozen Yogurt
  • Live/Active cultures
  • Flavours rotate often
  • Large variety of toppings
  • Non-fat/low-fat/sorbet
  • Healthy dessert option
  • Spacious, clean
  • Very affordable prices
  • Family friendly
  • Stumptown Coffee/tea
  • Frozen yogurt pies available
  • Accepts credit card
  • Daily – 11:30am. to 11pm

**Recommendations: Whatever floats your boat.

Yes, I confess. I had just come from the Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University a few blocks up the street. Okay I really confess. I had just come from having gourmet ice cream sandwiches from Ruby Jewel Scoops at the Portland Farmers Market a few blocks up the street.

Lucky Spoon Frozen Yogurt wasn’t on my planned foodie itinerary, but it just happened to be on the way back to the car. In fact, the car was parked right in front of it. So how could I resist? It was meant to be.

Lucky Spoon Frozen Yogurt opened last year. Since it’s located right by Portland State University, it’s popular with the students. I can tell you that if I lived on campus here, I’d be in deep yogurt.

Anyways, I’m already a huge fan of frozen treats, and frozen yogurt is something I love. Personally, I don’t think I’m too picky about it. It’s mainly because we don’t have many options for it besides Qoola, and now Pinkberry and a few others in Metro Vancouver, BC. Therefore we can be considered a frozen yogurt deprived city, especially compared to the endless options in the States. So given that I was in the States, I’m going to take full advantage.

There’s a wide variety of self serve toppings including fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate, mochi and candy.

The self serve is a bonus and I almost don’t even like going to frozen yogurt places that don’t offer self serve frozen yogurt and toppings anymore. The frozen yogurt flavours of the day included Cake Batter, Snickerdoodle, Activa Peach, Cheesecake, Original Tart, Mango Tango Sorbet, Chocolate, Fresh Mint, Alpine Vanilla, and Cable Car Chocolate. They also had a frozen yogurt pie I was super curious about for $15.

And another self-serve toppings bar with sprinkles, sauces, cookies, cereal, and granola.

The frozen yogurt base is actually just YoCream frozen yogurt mix, which is used at a lot of frozen yogurt places, so I didn’t feel so “lucky” being at Lucky Spoon anymore. The flavours were fun though and they ranged from non-fat to low-fat. The only thing is that they don’t have added vitamin A or C like some other frozen yogurt places do.

On the table:

Frozen Yogurt 4/6

  • $5.96 ($0.44/ounce)
  • My frozen yogurt flavours were Original Tart, Alpine Vanilla, and Cake Batter with coconut, almonds, walnuts, granola, and fresh blackberries and blueberries.
  • The Original Tart (non-fat) was very icy instead of creamy and it was noticeably icier compared to all the other flavours. It was tart and refreshing and the sweetness was the same as Pinkberry, but it doesn’t have added Vitamin A, Vitamin C, or as much calcium as Pinkberry. On the other hand it has a bit less calories.
  • The Alpine Vanilla (non-fat) was creamy and not too sweet, but not that strong with vanilla in flavour. It was sweeter than Qoola vanilla, but less sweet and creamy than TCBY. Qoola has a stronger vanilla flavour too.
  • The Cake Batter (low fat) was made with eggs and milk, so it was creamier, richer and sweeter than the non-fat flavours. It actually looked like cake batter and the flavour was somewhat reminiscent. It wasn’t overly sweet though, but just closer to ice cream and TCBY. The first time I had Cake Batter fro-yo was with Red Velvet fro-yo in Austin, Texas at Yogurt Planet.
  • I actually enjoyed Vancouver’s Qoola frozen yogurt better, but this was still good.


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  • Laura says:

    Oooooh! I’m starting a love affair for froyo! I was in Long Beach a few weeks ago and went to Yogurtland…it was so good! I can’t wait for Menchies to open soon on Cambie. Loved your radio spots…looking forward to the next one!

  • LotusRapper says:

    No, not lucky spoon, lucky MOUTH ! 😀

  • Linda says:

    mmmm if there’s one dessert i love, it’s froyo! there’s so many froyo places now that i think they should step up their game and have more interesting toppings to choose from.. nuts, cereals and fruit are the norm but i wish some places would make something extra special.. like signature syrups or something 🙂 ps – i love qoola too!

  • KIm says:

    That yogurt looks yummy! Thanks for stopping in.

  • Mijune says:

    @ laura – thank you so much for sticking with me from day one. xo I will blog more about Froyo for you 🙂 Next time if you’re in LA try 21 Choices for froyo… it’s the best I’ve had yet!

    @LR – lol hahah! true!

    @Linda – the only froyo we have is almost Qoola…. I can’t wait for some new places!!! 🙂

    @Kim – Thank you for visiting my blog Kim! It was good!

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