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Follow Me Foodie to Hong Kong 2013!

Exploring traditional and modern dim sum, Chinese dishes, delicacies and specialties in Hong Kong.

I love this city and it’s always great to be back! I’ve written on Hong Kong on a few occasions (see articles here) and I call it a mini Chinese version of New York. It’s an international city that never sleeps and you work hard and play hard. This time I was invited by Tourism Hong Kong to explore the city during Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival.

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Hong Kong Wine and Dine FestivalA recap of Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2013

Hong Kong Duddell's Dim sumDuddell’s Dim Sum

Restaurant: Duddell’s
Address: 1 Duddell Street, 1 Duddell St, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2525 9191
Cuisine: Modern Chinese/Dim Sum/Chinese/Cocktails
Price Range: $50+USD on average per person for lunch/dinner

Hong Kong Duddell's Dim sum 2Duddell’s Dim Sum: Vegetarian Truffle Dumplings, Fried Rice, Chow Mein & Desserts

Menu features/highlights: Weekend brunch, Braised Chinese Kale with superior consommé, baked BBQ pork pastry, steamed vegetarian black truffle dumplings because it’s original, hot almond soup dessert


  • Catered to the hot, young, hip and happening social elite.
  • The dim sum and food was actually all good, but I just thought it was overpriced and you do pay for the ambiance.
  • The white tablecloth dining room is dress code enforced (no jeans or runners), the upstairs is more like a lounge and smart casual.
  • A membership is required, but they don’t reinforce it dining upstairs.
  • If you’re looking for a complete opposite dim sum experience from this – see my post for Lin Heung Tea House

Pros: Great modern atmosphere, beautiful patio, art gallery, sophisticated, energetic and lively upstairs lounge area, English and Chinese on menus
Cons: Very pricey, can be seen as pretentious or a “place to be seen” sort of restaurant.

Hours: Closed Sunday, Mon-Wed 12:00 pm – 12:00 am, Fri-Sat. 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

♦♦1/2 – Good, with some hits and misses (50-69%). (Closer to 69%)

Hong Kong Summer Palace Dim SumSummer Palace at Island Shangri-La – Assorted Dim Sum

Restaurant: Summer Palace at Island Shangri-La
Address: Supreme Court Rd, Hong Kong
Phone:+852 2877 3838
Cuisine: Chinese/Dim Sum/Seafood/Wine/Fine Dining
Price Range: $50+USD on average per person for lunch/dinner

Hong Kong Peking Duck at Summer PalaceSummer Palace at Island Shangri-La – Peking Duck Wraps/Roasted BBQ Duck

See – Peking Duck Restaurant Hunt in Beijing

Hong Kong Summer Palace Dim sum Beef Cheek SoupIsland Shangri-La Island – Scallops, Fish Maw Soup, and Beef Cheeks

Hong Kong Summer Palace Hairy Crab Rice 2Summer Palace at Island Shangri-La – Baked Fried Rice with Hairy Crab Roe Sauce

  • Also, not all crab bisques/stock are made with the innards, some just use the shells, but using innards is not uncommon either.

Menu features/highlights: Vegetarian Dumplings with Assorted Fungus, Roasted BBQ Duck Wraps, Fish Maw & Mushroom Soup, Beef Cheeks, Baked Fried Rice with Hairy Crab Roe Sauce


  • Chef Ip Chi Cheung creates traditional dim sum dishes and some modern ones.
  • It is definitely more on the traditional side and it is popular with locals and tourists.
  • Smart casual
  • Good wine selection
  • Quality ingredients, excellent execution

Pros: Sophisticated dining, great for entertaining, excellent food, quality ingredients, English and Chinese on menus
Cons: Can be considered pricey, but reasonable for fine dining standards and a 2 Michelin Star restaurant.

Hours: Lunch 11.30am – 3pm (last order at 2.30pm) (Monday to Saturday), 10.30am – 3pm (last order at 3pm) (Sunday and Public Holidays), Dinner 6.30pm – 11pm (last order at 10.30pm)

♦♦♦ – Very good, dining itinerary worthy. (70-89%)

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Dim sumGolden Jade Limited – Dim Sum

Restaurant: Golden Jade Limited
Address: 19/F, Regent Centre, 88 Queen’s Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2810 0106
Cuisine: Chinese/Dim Sum/Seafood/Noodles/Congee
Price Range: $50+USD on average per person for lunch/dinner

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Roasted SquabGolden Jade Limited – Roasted Squab

Sorry, at the end I said “quail”, but I meant squab. Squab is low in cholesterol.

Menu features/highlights: Roasted squab and prawn dumplings with pine nuts, egg white and dried scallops.


  • It is a membership only restaurant which is not unheard of in Hong Kong, but this one was a bit confusing and I didn’t understand their system.
  • I couldn’t really communicate with the manager, but they are very strict on only accepting reservations from members.
  • I tried the hot almond soup for dessert here, but the one at Duddell’s was much better. This one was a bit watery.
  • This was on my own and not part of the Tourism Hong Kong itinerary.

Pros: Signature dishes are very good.
Cons: Membership only.

Hours: n/a

♦♦1/2 – Good, with some hits and misses (50-69%).

Hong Kong Easy 123 Dim Sum Making ClassEasy 1, 2, 3 Dining & Cooking Studio

Restaurant: Easy 1, 2, 3 Dining & Cooking Studio
Address: Shop 221, 2/F, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit D2 )
Phone: +852 26280616
Cuisine: Chinese/Dim Sum/Desserts/Cakes
Price Range: Varies – See dim sum classes

Menu features/highlights: n/a


  • Classes are for hobby chefs or beginners. These classes are meant to be for fun.
  • Taught by professional dim sum chefs and instructors who can speak Chinese and English.
  • Classes include house made dim sum lunch.
  • House made cakes, cupcakes and Western desserts are available for purchase/order.
  • Japanese, Korean and non-dim sum classes also available – see class schedule

Pros: Family friendly, fun, entertaining, casual, clean, organized, friendly staff
Cons: I’m not sure how “authentic” the Korean and Japanese classes will be. They offer everything, so hard to say what their strength is.

Hours: n/a

Hong Kong Bao Wow Sandwich Pork belly baoBao Wow (Baowiches) opens in December 2013!

Restaurant: Bao Wow
Address: Shop No.2, 28 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai
Phone: n/a
Cuisine: Taiwanese/Chinese/Sandwiches/Fusion
Price Range: $10USD or less on average per person for lunch/dinner

Menu features/highlights: Deep Fried Fish Bao, Pork Belly Bao, Kimchili Cheese Fries, Fried Shrimp Wontons, Ice Cream Dessert Bao


  • Authentic and custom-filled baos
  • 2 baos for about $8USD
  • Quick, casual, convenient “fast food”
  • Good ingredients
  • Homemade baos and sauces
  • Professional chef developed menu

Pros: Chinese and English menus, affordable, family friendly
Cons: I tried it during beta phase, so the menu was still being tweaked and some baos were average tasting. Improvements are being made before opening in December 2013, but the concept is fun and I look forward to trying it my next time there.

Hours: n/a

Hotel Indigo Hong KongWhere I stayed: Hotel Indigo


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