Follow Me Foodie: 10 Holiday Cookies in Vancouver

Candy cane macarons, hazelnut Linzer cookies and holiday spiced shortbread at Bel Cafe. — Image Credit: Mijune Pak

Over the last couple weeks I have made Cookie Monster look like an amateur.

Cookies are not even my favourite category of dessert, but it’s easy to make room for them. Calling them “biscuits” makes me feel less guilty about it, too, although who am I kidding? I never really feel guilty unless I eat 10 in one sitting.

Here are 10 stand-out holiday cookies, and many are even available throughout the year. They aren’t necessarily “the best”, because we all know how I feel about “the best” anything, but they are 10 that I wouldn’t mind having all at once. Read the full story.

See – the 10 Holiday Cookies

Soirette Macaron & Tea - Holidays (13)Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe (5)Polvoron Cookies (2)Chef Kev Cookies & Biscotti (11)

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