Why “the best” actually sucks

 The Best Chocolate Cake in the World

Why “the best” actually sucks

Mijune Pak — Westender

Ugh. People say it all the time. “This is the best” burger I’ve ever had”, “Where’s the best place for pizza?”, and “What’s the best restaurant in Vancouver?”. This issue even features “Best of the City Dining”.

Stop. Please, stop.

I’ve ranted before about why the words “the best” are not the best to use, but I think a friendly reminder is in order.

Food is like art. It’s subjective and based on personal taste. You know what you like and like what you like. That’s it. Sure, I could argue why you shouldn’t like it, or where you might be able to find it better, but in the end, you taste what you taste and enjoy what you enjoy. Period.

“The best” is also relative, dependent on what someone has tried, and contextual. Read the full article.

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