From grilled cheese at Hi-Five to a greasy spoon pop-up in Gastown – Vancouver, BC

DSC05496The trailer-park-style “Melter Skelter” grilled cheese sandwich with pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapeño, cilantro and barbecue chips at Hi-Five.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 1.03.07 AMFrom grilled cheese to greasy spoons

Don’t judge. Greasy spoons have their place and they do the job when the craving hits.

The most notorious places to go for midnight munchies in downtown are Fritz European Fry House, Megabite Pizza, and Tsui Hang Village. A line-up is almost guaranteed at any of the above if your night out is around Yaletown, Davie, or Granville Street.

But how about Gastown? They all cater to different crowds and you’re likely not going out of your way to satisfy a midnight craving. Well, that’s personal because I would, but for most, convenience is key and the closest thing you can stumble to or first thing you smell is good enough.

There are plenty of pubs and bars in Gastown, but surprisingly limited options for pizza, gyros, kebabs, and poutine, so where do you go for a late-night bite? Read the full article.

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