Goût de France (Good France) – celebration of French cuisine at Le Crocodile Restaurant, Vancouver, BC

DSC05143Le Crocodile is one of two restaurants in Western Canada to be chosen to take part in the first-ever Goût de France, a global event celebrating and honouring French gastronomy. — Mijune Pak

bandeau_good_france_ok_enGoût de France is a global event celebrating and honouring French gastronomy. Over 1,000 chefs have been selected around the world to host French dinners on March 19.

It’s often said that once you know how to cook French food, you can pretty much cook everything else. It’s a bold statement, which holds much truth. It is arguably the backbone to cooking. Master the art and technique of French cooking and you have the foundation to transfer the skills to other cuisines. Globally it is one of the most celebrated cuisines, but in Vancouver it’s under-celebrated.

The tastes of the city tend to gravitate towards Italian, Asian (particularly Japanese), and local cuisine. And as much as I love all of the above, I wish there was more appreciation for French food.

Sure, many cuisines are based on French techniques, since this is what the majority of professional cooking schools teach, but in terms of traditional French restaurants which are French through and through, the city has limited choices.

There are maybe a handful of decent-to-good bistros, and less than that when it comes to French fine dining. Vancouver is not much of a white tablecloth city, but it is still unfortunate that we lack options for it, considering France created “haute cuisine”. That being said, there is one white tablecloth fine dining French restaurant that has withstood the test of time – the one and only Le Crocodile. Read the full article and see the special one-night-only “Goût de France” menu here.


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