The Secret and Not-So-Secret Things to Try on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

DSC07387The Togarashi tuna sandwich at Go Fish! comes with nori, Japanese pickles, greens, ponzu sauce and wasabi mayo. Photo: Mijune Pak

The Secret and Not-So-Secret Things to Try on Granville Island

Mijune Pak — Westender

Granville Island might be touristy, but that’s no reason to hate. I was born and raised in Vancouver, and, as a local, I love Granville Island. Sometimes for eating and sometimes just to walk around and people-watch (geez, I sound like a creeper), but I never get sick of the view and ambiance.

The only thing I do get sick of is the parking… but don’t forget about the Aquabus, which isn’t just for tourists.

To be honest, there are restaurants here I avoid completely because they are “tourist traps”, but there are some legitimate eateries and vendors doing an incredible job. So here are a few secret and not-so-secret things to check out next time you’re in and around Granville Island. Read the full article.

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